WindSync Concert at The Parish School

Today, the elementary students (bridge, Laurel Oak, and Post Oak) enjoyed a special performance by WindSync.  WindSync is a woodwind quintet that performs in schools with their creative, engaging, and interactive concerts to inspire audiences of all ages.  Click here for their website for more information:


Taken on a Dr. Seuss inspired journey, the students heard and learned about the flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, and French horn.  They learned what the instruments were made of (wood, steel, and brass), the ranges of the instrument, and how to make sound on the instruments.  So many of the students were blown away by the reeds made from wood that the oboist, clarinetist, and bassoonist play on.  Without the reeds, the instrument would sound like air blowing through without any musical sound.

After learning a bit about the instruments, the students heard several classical excerpts, such as “Ode to Joy” and “Hoe Down”.  Some students were excited about the music, commenting on how beautiful it was and that they knew the pieces.  Several students were conducting along and I saw a few who were pretending to play an imaginary instrument with their hands and mouth.  They were so immersed in the music!

Parish School Audience

Then WindSync told the story of “Peter and the Wolf.”  Students watched intently as the characters emerged through costumes and the instruments.  Their eyes followed the cat, bird, duck, wolf, cat, Peter, and grandpa around the room.  Laughing, gasping, and cheering along with the story, they couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.

WindSyncWindSync "Peter and the Wolf"

WindSyncWindSyncWindSyncWindSync ClarinetistAfter the performance, it was question time!  So many students had questions about how to make music and sound on the instruments, what it sounds like when pressing the buttons, what it sounds like with no reed, and how to play them.  One student asked about the mouth shape to play the instruments, noticing that each of them had a different shape.  So observant!  All the students were overjoyed to ask questions and shared that they enjoyed the performance.

“The music was beautiful.”
“I liked the bassoon.”
“The flute is pretty.”

Thank you to WindSync for sharing your music!  The students loved learning about the instruments and enjoyed the concert!



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