Baby Bumblebee – Ouch!

In the Seals and Elephants classes, we are singing “Baby Bumblebee.”

I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee.
Won’t my mommy be so proud of me.
I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee.
‘Ouch, he bit me.’

With a bumblebee finger puppet on my finger, I flew around the students while singing the song.  Then I buzzed, slowing down near one student and touched them lightly on the arm.  The student responded with “Ouch, he bit me.”  Then that student had a turn and decided who was the next participant.

L. Seals Baby Bumblebee

This activity increases social interaction, increases verbal interaction, and pairs action and verbalization in meaningful ways.  Students had to find a friend to touch and took into consideration friends who did not have a turn yet.  Once bitten, they worked on saying, “Ouch, he bit me.”  Some students automatically responded with the phrase while others needed a word cue to start.  They also worked on buzzing while flying the bumblebee around their peers.

V. Seals Baby BumblebeeE. Elephants Baby Bumblebee








Because the song is simple, many students pick it up and start singing the first line.  The music provides the positive social interaction between peers, motivates them to interact, to buzz, and facilitates the facial expression of ouch.

L. Seals Baby BumblebeeJ. Elephants Baby Bumblebee








I realized there were things that individual students were working on.  For some students, it was the sensory issue of holding the bumblebee or even touching it.  Some held it in their hands rather than using their fingers.  A few of them thought the bumblebee was real!  I learned to give students an opportunity to pet it before doing the activity to ease their fears.

A. Seals Baby BumblebeeL. Seals Baby Bumblebee








There was a sweet moment in the Elephants class.  E. Elephants was are afraid of the bumblebee puppet.  When it was near her, she said, “No, thank you” and squirmed away from it.  It was endearing to see J. Elephants reassure her by saying, “It’s just pretend.  Don’t worry.  It’s not real.”  With his words of comfort and a chance to pet the puppet, she felt ready to have it bit her and then even take a turn, biting several of her friends!  Yay for overcoming fear!

C. Seals Baby BumblebeeJ. Seals Baby Bumblebee N. Elephants Baby BumblebeeE. Elephants Baby Bumblebee

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