Martial Arts: The Step-Drag

The Labs and Mustangs worked on sequencing and spatial awareness in learning how to do a step-drag, kick, cross, and uncross.  Students learned to step further away from their opponent and to shift their weight from one foot to the other.  Working on the step drag confused students as they were not sure which foot to kick or which angle to be looking.  One student said “zip” instead of “drag” to move his feet and that helped other students with the move as well.

M. Mustangs Step-Drag


To visually help, I used the target bags and guided the students on each step: one leg step back, shift weight to other foot to drag, then that foot kicks, cross, and uncross. They realized that they moved away from the target bag and had to angle their body to kick it.   The students continue to build their gross motor coordination while working on their motor planning of completing the sequence.  The target bag not only provides a visual and distance cue, it motivates students to kick.

J. Mustangs Step-Drag P. Labs Step-Drag






The step-drag is important in learning how to move within one’s space and to move out of someone’s space.  Too often, students are in each others’ space bubble and unsure where they can place their body while still being next to their friend.  The step-drag is a good way to help students move and start to learn to keep a respectful distance.

E. Mustangs Step-DragQ. Labs Step-DragB. Labs Step-DragS. Mustangs Step-Drag

N. Labs Step-Drag


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