The Team Leader and The Music Team

The All-Stars and Monkeys are learning about working as a team in their classes.  In music, they are learning how to be a team leader and how to work together as a team.  Students choose between a drum, maraca, or rhythm sticks as part of the team while one student is the team leader with the baton.  Each student has a chance to conduct the group with the baton, learning the powers of hand gestures and words in stop, go, and play.  The team watches the conductor intently and work together to make the music.

C. All-Stars Team Leader

The conductor/team leader sees the cause-effect relationship of waving the baton, saying commands, and holding up their hands.  They learn that when they stop the baton, say “stop,” or hold their hands with palms up, their team stops.  In addition, when they wave the baton, say “go,” or move their body, their team plays accordingly.

P. Monkeys Team Leader

Over the course of three weeks, the students in the team start to help each other and remind their teammates to stop or go, reflecting the directions of the team leader.  They learn they are part of the group and are responsible for making music together.  As individuals, they work on thinking about others, giving and following directions, taking turns, and initiating play.  They all demonstrate good teamwork and understanding as being part of the music team.  Everyone plays their part and the team is incomplete without all their members.

J. Monkeys Team Leader

J. All-Stars Team LeaderW. Monkeys Team LeaderH. All-Stars Team LeaderG. Monkeys Team Leader

P. All-Stars Team LeaderC. All-Stars Team LeaderS. Monkeys Team LeaderJ. All-Stars Team Leader       M. All-Stars Team Leader   A. Monkeys Team LeaderC. Monkeys Team LeaderB. All-Stars Team LeaderL. Monkeys Team LeaderC. All-Stars Team LeaderJ. Monkeys Team LeaderL. All-Stars Team Leader


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