Cotton Eyed Joe Dance – Modified

To kick off Go Texan’s Day at The Parish School, the Zebras started to learn how to do a modified version of the Cotton Eye Joe.  We practiced kicking one leg, crossing over the other leg, uncrossing, and putting it down, and then doing the same with the other leg.  In addition, we walked in a circle holding hands with a spring in our step.

Zebras Cotton Eye Joe

To begin, the Zebras worked on kicking their legs, then gradually adding the leg cross and uncross.  Most of the students stuck with just kicking their legs out to the music.  We held hands the entire activity and that helped all of them keep their balance in kicking and trying to cross their legs. We enjoyed doing this  dance in our cowboy and cowgirl wear!

Zebras Cotton Eye Joe

Doing the dance worked on the students’ balance, coordination, and listening skills.  Several of the students kicked at their own pace, slower than the music, which worked better for them.  Some of the student attempted to cross their leg over and fell down.  In the end, it was easier to just kick and for the few that were ready, they crossed their legs over at a slow pace and at a low height.  They listened to the music and walked in a circle to the music when there was no singing and kicked their legs when they heard the man singing.  They enjoyed walking faster and faster in a circle and switching directions.

Yee haw!  IMG_0921

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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