Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Explorers Valentine's

All this week, students have been practicing giving and receiving valentine hearts in music class.  First, they chose a heart and named the color, then they named a friend and told them “Happy Valentine’s Day,” and lastly, gave them the heart.  At which point, the friend said “thank you;” the elementary classes worked on saying “you’re welcome” as a response.  Students walked through the process of how to receive and give a token of affection.

A. Elephants Valentine's T. Zebras Valentine's








A couple of students pointed that out I did the same activity last year, so I told them it was a test to see if they could follow all the steps without teacher help.  They were up to the challenge and it was great to see that more students were successful in completing a majority of the steps independently.

P. Penguins Valentine'sI’m going to the store to buy Valentine’s,
Valentine’s, Valentine’s.
I’m going to the store to buy Valentine’s,
all for the (class name) on Valentine’s Day.

Some of the hearts are pink, red, or white,
pink, red, or white, pink, red, or white.
Some of the hearts are pink, red, or white,
all for the (class name) on Valentine’s Day.

What color Valentine does (name) choose,
(name) choose, (name) choose?
What color Valentine does (name) choose,
to give to (name) today?

Through the practice, students work on their social skills of making eye contact, having a turn-taking conversation, and building in the routine of what is expected in a social gift exchange.  They thought about their friends, saw who did not receive a Valentine, and made sure everyone got one, even the teachers!  I was really pleased to see that a majority of the students were considerate of their classmates and were very polite in their words.

All-Stars Valentine's C. Zebras Valentine's








For two classes, I was surprised to see a group of boy students being silly by giving each other pink Valentine’s and throwing fits about them.  In another class, some boys cried because they were given a pink Valentine.  With these classes, the teachers and I talked about being polite and accepting a gift from a friend nicely.  When someone wants to give you something, they are doing it to show you that they care and it is rude to reject their gift or complain about it.  At the Valentine’s Day parties, students may receive cards, candy, or gifts that they may not like, and it is important to still say thank you and be happy that they thought of you.  As one Mustang put it, “Sometimes your present is clothes, and you don’t want, and you still have to smile and stay ‘thank you.'”

B.R. Alligators Valentine'sL. Zebras Valentine's   P. Monkeys Valentine's D. Penguins Valentine's A. & B. Bears Valentine'sB. Bears Valentine's L. Owls Valentine'sJ. Agents Valentine'sC. Owls Valentine'sJ. Seals Valentine's     Mustangs Valentine'sW. Labs Valentine'sB. Giraffes Valentine's


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