Will You Be My Friend? Part 2

Last week, I did “Will You Be My Friend?” activity with the All-Stars and Monkeys.  This week, the Seals and Elephants are doing it as well.  Because I have the opportunity to try the same activities with different classes, sometimes the activity evolves.  Here is a link to the post from the first experience.

C. & L. Seals Jumping FriendsI. & N. Elephants Jumping Friends








This week, the activity has evolved by first choosing a friend to sing to and then I sing a second part while they jump to confirm that they are friends who are jumping.

F. Seals Jumping Friends(name) and (name) jump today,
jump today, jump today,
(name) and (name) jump today,
They are jumping friends.




Because the tune is “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and has repetitive words, students pick up the song quickly and can sing it.  It is exciting to hear the students sing the words, “will you be my friend?” to their peers.  At that point, everyone has their eyes on the singer, ready to be asked to be a friend.  To help lead the singing, I have the student stand in the middle with me. I hold them around the waist and tap a steady rhythmic pulse on their belly to help them sing.  Students are so excited to choose a friend and to be chosen to jump together.

M. & C. All-Stars Jumping FriendsC. & C. All-Stars Jumping FriendsV. & J. Seals Jumping Friends












Afterward, I feel that the group bond is stronger, students are more aware of their peers, and they are excited about being friends.  Lots of friendships are forming and students are choosing new peers that they may not normally hold hands with or play it. It’s a great time to celebrate friendship this Valentine’s season!

E. & C. Elephants Jumping Friends


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2 Responses to Will You Be My Friend? Part 2

  1. Great intervention! I tried it today in an autism group and they loved it. Even students who have difficulty interacting with others, were enthusiastic. Thanks for your ideas.


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