Musical Plates

In Creative Movement, the Zebras and Elephants played “Musical Plates,” dancing and stopping on plates.  They listened to the music, danced and walked around the room, when the music stopped, they stopped their body and stood on a plate.

A. Elephants Musical Plates N. Elephants Musical Plates








This two-part command was a challenge for some students at the beginning of the activity.  They stopped when the music stop  and did not try to find a plate.  There were students who also stayed on their plates and went skating!  That was an activity we did in December and they associate plates with skating.  The second part of the directive to stop on a plate was successful when teacher gave an extra prompt to find a plate to stand on.

Zebras Musical Plates
Dancing and stopping on a plate worked on the students’ listening skills, their impulse control, visual and spatial awareness of where the plates were located, and coordination of standing on a plate with one foot or two feet.  There were about 30 plates in the room, and students had plenty of opportunity to find one plate to stand on.  “Musical Plates” explored the contrast of action and stillness with coordination.

Zebras Musical Plates L. & T. Musical Plates


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