Will You Be My Friend?

The All-Stars and Monkeys are learning and working on friendship in their classes.  In music, I had students sing a song, pick a friend, hold hands and do an action together, which they all chose to hopped/jumped.

Will you be my friend today?
Friend today? Friend today?
Will you be my friend today? (point to someone)
And (action) along with me.

W. & S. Monkey Friends G. & B. Monkey Friends








One student stood in front of their peers, singing or listening to me sing the song.  The Monkeys picked up the words quickly and sang it to the friend they wanted to hop with.  They pointed and named someone in their class to be their friend.  The students held hands and jumped together to the song.  Then the first person sat down and the second person chose a friend.  This process repeated until all the students  had a turn.  In both classes, the students were observant in who had a turn and who did not.  They picked new friends so that everyone had a turn.  The last person got to choose anyone in their class.

C. & A. Monkey Friends

The students enjoyed choosing a friend, holding hands and hopping with each other.  This activity gives students the words “will you be my friend?” to use to make friends.  They had to think about their peers, what their names are, and to interact with them.  As their bodies are bonded together in their hand holding, they had to work together to jump.  I am happy to report, there were no injuries.  As we approach Valentine’s Day, we are celebrating and encouraging friendship in music.

W. & P. Monkey Friends


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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