Martial Arts Circuit: Jump, Punch, and Kick

In martial arts, students experienced a small circuit: stair jumps, five punches, and five kicks.  Students worked on waiting in line, watching for the person ahead of them moving to the next step before they started.  The circuit work is to increase strength endurance, mental toughness, and cardiovascular fitness.  We are starting at small amounts so that they are successful and we will build to higher numbers and more stations in the upcoming months.

A. Mustangs Martial Arts

The first step was to jump onto a two-step height and jump off.  Stair work is important for cardiovascular fitness, coordination, and leg strength.  Most of the students loved jumping off and some even took a running start to jump on.  There were a few who were a bit scared and carefully walked up the stairs and jumped off.  Aside: I realized the only set of stairs at The Parish School are the ones that lead onto the stage.

Labs Martial Arts

The second step was five punches on the hand bag.  Punching worked hand-eye coordination, range of motion, and crossing midline.  Some students wanted to push or could not extend their arms far enough to reach the bag.  About half the students are working on crossing midline in their punches and their target accuracy.  Thank you to the teachers who helped hold the bags; no teachers were injured in the process.

M. Mustangs Martial Arts

The third step was five kicks on the hand bag.  Kicking worked on hand-eye coordination, range of motion, and strength.  Many students did kicks with running starts to have the momentum power their kicks.  I had students work from starting in a stance and kicking the bag to work on developing the strength of a kick, learning how to build power within their leg and body.

With popular music playing, the students were pumped up, moved to the beat through the circuit, and even danced while they waited for their turn.  The music supported their movements and motivated them.  They shared that it was a fun work out!


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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