Happy 100 Days of School!

This week, today and tomorrow, specifically, is the 100th day of school!  In class, Bridge and Chestnut Oak students are celebrating in their classroom with a party and academic lessons incorporating the number 100.

In music, the classes are singing and writing parts to a song for 100 days of school.  I wrote a simple first half and students gave their ideas for the middle section.

100 days, 100 days,
100 days of school.

We ___________
We ___________
We ___________

We can count to 100 by 10’s.
10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100!
100 days, 100 days,
100 days of school.

The Alligators filled in the blanks with 100 posters, 100 cakes, 100 cakes, 100 ultrons, 100 pots of gold, 100 spaceships, and to sing our song.  They were focused on 100 items.
The Giraffes ideas were to have a party, balloons, presents, cupcakes, crown, and to be expected.  They were ready to party and celebrate!
The Bears thought more about the school year with their ideas of playing games, dancing, Night Morphs, Rodeo Day, making crafts, playing with cars, and carpool.

Alligators with 100 instruments

Alligators with 100 instruments.

I knew students were counting 100 items in their classrooms.  To try it in music, I had each of the Alligators pick 10 instruments.  It took a while for students to make decisions of what they wanted to pick: castanets, guiro, rhythm sticks, sandblocks, maracas, egg shakers, and claves.  When they each had 5 instruments, we counted by 5’s to 50.  Each person played their 5 instruments and stated their number.  When they each had 10 instruments, we counted by 10’s to 100.  Each person played several of their instruments and stated their number.  It was quite the commotion to hear 50-100 instruments being played at the same time!  Despite it being difficult to hear above all the percussion, most of the students were able to count when it was their turn.  Happy 100 days of school!

Alligators with 100 instruments


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