Plucking the Violin

Last week, most of the elementary classes learned about the violin and had a chance to play it.  This week, students are learning about a new way to play the violin: plucking.

A. Explorers Violin

Z. Explorers Violin








It takes a bit of fine motor skills and coordination to use one finger to pluck one string at a time or as some students preferred, to brush their finger over all the strings.  They work to use the tip of their forefinger to play the string.  It takes quite the strength to make a fist and extend that one finger or to only activate that finger for play.

By plucking, students feel the sensation of the string on their skin.  It is a rough feeling of a thin steel string on some of their sensitive fingers.  Some students went at it, plucking away and some said it hurt or felt funny.  Nonetheless, they enjoyed moving their hand and finger across strings to make their own music.  They learned that if they plucked hard, the sound is loud, pluck gently, the sound is soft.  Students went played with their own rhythm.

B.R. Alligators Violin M. Alligators Violin

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