Spirit Day 2013!

Opened for bids at the pre-gala silent auction!

Opened for bids!

It was an exciting two-part Spirit Day with the pre-Gala Mission: Possible silent auction and the pep rally.  For the silent auction, I donated 20 singing birthday telegrams and an opportunity for one student to be a guest music conductor at our Winter Sing-A-Long.

Thank you to all the families who placed bids and congratulations to all the winners!  I am finishing my 20th birthday telegram from last year’s silent auction and am looking forward to celebrating another year of birthdays with the students.  In addition, I am very excited about our first student guest conductor who will debut in December 2013; it will be a surprise!

Chestnut Oak pumped up for Spirit Day!

Chestnut Oak pumped up for Spirit Day!

A. Monkeys helping Roly the Clown.

A. Monkeys helping Roly the Clown.



At the pep rally, Roly the Clown entertained the entire school, students and staff, with his juggling act, magic tricks, student participation, and various bike riding.  Students threw balls, caught balls, and helped him with his act.  They were fantastic helpers!

Then each class went to the front and did their class cheers with enthusiasm.  The students showed so much pride in their class and for Parish!  To end, the cottage projects were unveiled: Burr Oak bird bath, Chestnut Oak glider, Laurel Oak teepee, and Post Oak outdoor fire pit.  They are ready to find an outdoor home (kids not included)!

Students enjoying the Laurel Oak teepee.

Students enjoying the Laurel Oak teepee.

Chestnut Oak glider

Chestnut Oak glider.

Burr Oak bird bath.

Burr Oak bird bath.

Post Oak outdoor grill.

Post Oak outdoor grill.


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