Drumming Into the New Year!

It is tradition and superstitious to make loud noises on New Year’s Eve to scare away evil spirits and bad luck for the new year.  Thus in music, we have been drumming all week.  We talked about the shape of the drum, circle and cylindrical, and the different sounds it makes by playing the middle and side of the drum.  In addition, we talked about the differences in drum sticks: long, short, fat, skinny, tall, and small.

Zebras Drums

To make the drumming a learning experience beside scaring away evil spirits, I used a chant to work on keeping a steady beat, taking turns, attention, following directions, and listening.  Students copied me, playing fast, slow, loud, and soft beats.  They waited for their name to be called to have a solo, stopped playing to listen to their classmates play, and listened to play when they fit the description of  boys, girls, green shirts, white shirts, teachers, or the class names.  In addition to playing in the middle of the drum, we played on the side, and moved the mallet in a circle around the drum head.

Giraffes Drum

Students loved having a solo and making sure each of their friends had a turn.  In some classes, there were students who had two solos and did not think it was fair they got to do it twice while their peers did it once.  They enjoyed taking turns!  I was pleased to see how many students entrained to the beat, even the few who wanted to stray off, the power of 10 other drums brought them to the beat of togetherness.

Bears Drums

(andante, walking tempo)
I’m going for a walk,
I’m going for a walk.
What do I hear?
I hear (name).

(allegro, quick tempo)
I’m going for a run,
I’m going for a run.
Then I stop,
and I hear (name).

(adagio, quite slow tempo)
I’m going in a circle,
I’m going in a circle,
Who do I hear?
I hear the (description, ex. boys).

Agents Drums

Good-bye evil spirits!  Welcome good luck to 2013!

Mustangs Drum

Explorers Drum


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Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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