‘Tis the Season for Thanks

It has been a busy fall semester for The Parish School Choir, performing at City Hall, Book Fair, the Annual Luncheon, and with Music Doing Good for our 30th Anniversary Concert.  We are also preparing for the Winter Sing-A-Long this Friday!  After all the singing and learning our songs, S. Explorers suggested that we write a thank you note for Music Doing Good.  They sang with us, interviewed the Explorers, and recorded the choir.  I love her idea!  All the teachers and staff have exchanged heartfelt appreciation for the collaboration; with notes with the students, it adds another layer of meaningfulness and gratitude.

Labs Thank You Card

The Labs, Penguins, Explorers, and Mustangs really liked the idea of a thank you note.  I wrote words on a board that they could use such as “Music Doing Good,” “Thank you,” “singing,” and “The Parish School.”  My criteria for their note: drawing and/or writing words about music/experience with Music Doing Good and writing one’s name.

J. Penguins Thank You Card

All the students really took to the idea and wrote some great messages and drew wonderful pictures.  Pictures included each student in the choir, a band, music notes, The Parish School, camera, the vocalist, and holiday items.  The last one was probably influenced by the holiday music that was playing while they were making their cards.  This holiday season, the students are giving thanks.  Thank you to Music Doing Good for making music with us!

A. Explorers Thank You Card
Labs Thank You Card



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