The Tissue Dance and Variations

Inspired by my own nose blowing and all the students’ runny noses, I decided to take the tissue dance from my Creative Movement classes and introduce it to my music classes this week.  (Click here to read earlier post).  I read them “Tissue, Please” by Lisa Kopelke.  They though it was a silly book and the elementary students predicted that he learned to use a tissue to blow his nose instead of on his arm.  They were correct!  One student asked how the frog could dance with a tissue.  Another said, you can’t dance with a tissue.  I told them we were going to do it and they thought it was awesome!

P. & D. Penguins Tissue Dance

With many students picking their nose, this was the perfect way to remind them to use a tissue.  Listening to the Nutcracker suite and for some classes, pop music, all the students danced with their tissue and even practiced blowing their noses.  For several of the students, they actually needed to blow their noses and found it was the right time to do so.

D. & P. Penguins Tissue Dance

Through the tissue dance, students were expressed themselves in their dance, working on gross movement skills of spinning, bending knees, and reaching high.  They listened to the music and moved accordingly, whether it was fast, short steps, or long fluid moments.  In addition, we used our hand-eye coordination skills to throw the tissue up and catch it.  Students enjoyed blowing the tissue with their breath and watching it flutter in front of them.

W. & N. Labs Tissue Dance Labs Tissue Dance E. Penguins Tissue Dance A. Penguins Tissue Dance Owls Tissue Dance

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