The Parish School Choir at City Hall

Today, the Parish School Choir made its debut at City Hall!  We were a special performance for the 26th Houston Food Bank event, “Gift of Produce.”  Through our collaboration with Music Doing Good, our name was passed to the city of Houston who was looking for entertainment for this event, three weeks prior to the date!

Gift of Produce

I could only say yes to this wonderful opportunity!  We had to figure out transportation and parents were requested to volunteer to drive our 36 member choir downtown.  They were on board!  Then it was time to prepare the choir.  For the last two weeks, we talked about being background entertainment versus featured entertainment.  As background entertainment, people may be walking around, may listen or may not listen as we sing.  The students talked about what they have learned in social skills about interacting with people, how it is rude if someone is not looking at you in the eyes.  This performance is a special occasion where it is okay if someone is not looking at you when you are singing.

Gift of ProduceWe practiced our set list of carols and holiday music.  To minimize talking and not knowing how the event’s atmosphere may be, I showed student pictures with the name of the song to tell them what we were singing.  With that, they were ready to sing!  They were so excited to perform for everyone, especially the Mayor.  Only a few of them saw that the event garnered media attention. There were several local camera crews and radio stations at the event that recorded parts of our performance.

The Parish School Choir

The Choir did a fantastic job singing, listening, and staying together!  They were patience with performance time as we waited for the Mayor to show up, flexible with song choices and doing some songs again, and great listeners to the speeches from the Food Bank.  I am very proud of all of them!  With all the cameras flashing, a large attentive audience, and meeting the Mayor, the students felt like rock stars.  This was such a unique experience that they will always remember.  Thank you to all the drivers and teachers; this wouldn’t have been possible without you!

The Parish School Choir Gift of Produce

“Hey, look at all the cameras. We’re famous!”
“I met the Mayor!”
“This was fun!” – The Parish School Choir students

There was so much excitement in the air as the students finally saw the Mayor and had a chance to talk to her.  We asked her to take a picture with us and she did!  She was very kind and the students loved chatting with her.  One student was jumping up and down with joy because he was so happy that he got to meet the Mayor!  This is a moment they will all treasure and I thank the everyone who made this opportunity available for our students.  They are truly stars.

The Parish School Choir and Mayor Annise Parker


I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work with and teach my students music.  Each of them sing from their hearts, at their own pace, sharing their own special song that only they can sing.  This holiday season, I am thankful for them and so proud of all we have accomplished together in five months.

Click here to be directed to a page with a video of the performance.

Gift of Produce The Parish School Gift of Produce

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One Response to The Parish School Choir at City Hall

  1. Nancy Bewley says:

    What a wonderful event for our Parish School choir and staff. It looks as though it was a great success. I love seeing the pictures of all the smiling faces!
    Thank you Hilary for making this a reality for our kids.

    Happy Holidays to all!


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