“Ring Them Bells” Celebration!

Partners "Ring Them Bells"ICATS "Ring Them Bells"This weekend, The Parish School had its 30th anniversary kickoff concert,”Ring Them Bells!” with Music Doing Good.  It was a special evening of beautiful music, amazing videography, and touching stories about The Parish School.  I was so excited and nervous to give the opening speech about music, how it is all around us and part of us.  Once I was on stage, the words flew out of my mouth and I was told it set the tone for the evening.  We also watched the choir’s performance of “Do You Hear?” with the Music Doing Good core artists.  The students sounded good, were enthusiastic about the music, and showed who they were.  This concert was the perfect way to share in the power of music to touch our hearts about Robbin Parish’s dream of starting a school for students with language and learning differences.

Music Doing Good "Ring Them Bells"

Elephants Hand Bells

To celebrate Parish School’s birthday in music class, each class is ringing bells and singing Happy Birthday!  We have lots of fun listening to the different sounds of each of the hand bells and hand chimes.  For the preschool students, they enjoyed naming the colors and evening recognizing the letters that are on the top handle.  The students rang when pointed to, which worked on their impulse control, attending skills, and hand-eye coordination.  It was hard to wait to play it as the bells are so much fun!  They loved the sounds of the bells and we are ringing in the next 30 years!

Seals Hand BellsPenguins Hand ChimesLabs Hand ChimesMustangs Hand ChimesExplorers Hand Chimes

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Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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