The Tissue Dance

It is cold and flu season and students have been picking their nose, blowing snot on instruments and sneezing everywhere at school.  Our librarian, Jill, shared this great book, “Tissue, Please!” with me after reading my blog post about ballet dancing with scarves to “The Nutcracker.”  In the story, Frog sniffles and wipes his nose on his arm.  His mom gives him a tissue and teaches him to use it wipe his nose.  During a dance recital, his nose starts running and he grabs a tissue and ends up doing a tissue dance.  His friends copy him and start dancing with tissue as well.

Tissue, Please!

I read it to my Creative Movement classes today and they practiced wiping their nose with their arms with Frog. The Giraffes and Seals understood that they should use a tissue to wipe their runny nose, like Frog.  After the story, each student took a tissue and we danced to “Arabian” and “Chinese” dance for different tempos.  We waved them up, down, circle, and all around; we blew on them to watch the tissue flutter.  I also lead the students in plies, pirouettes, and arabesques.  They enjoyed bending their knees and standing on one leg and were proud of themselves. After all that dancing, we folded up our tissues and put them in our pockets for future use when their noses start to run.

Giraffes Tissue Dance

The tissue dance was a hit as students worked on being gentle to not tear the tissue.  They enjoyed the ballet moves, having worked on fluidity, coordination, and balance this semester in Creative Movement.

A. Giraffes Tissue Dance

Giraffes Tissue DanceL. Seals Tissue DanceF. & C. Seals Tissue Dance


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    Around The World All On Your Own Time

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