Ballet Scarves to “The Nutcracker”

The Nutcracker SnowglobeI showed students my new snow globe that plays “The Nutcracker.”  Students were in awe of the falling snow and the music they heard.  Several of them pointed out the Nutcracker inside and asked who the girl was.  I told them about Clara and that her Uncle gave her the Nutcracker as her present.

Inspired by the snow globe, we danced ballet with scarves while listening to “The Nutcracker Suite.”  Students waved their scarves like the falling snow, gently up and down to the music.  I gave the students the option to have plates for skating as well; they really enjoyed it last week and wanted to do it again.

Elephants Nutcracker Scarves

The music inspired some fast tip toeing, twirls, pirouettes, arabesques, plies, and skating.  Scarves flew high as they were thrown, spun in a circle, and waved all around.  There were some beautiful dancers who felt the music and moved with the notes as it changed dynamics and rhythm.  For the students who chose plates and scarves, they worked on the coordination of skating while dancing with a scarf.

L. Seals Nutcracker ScarvesLabs Nutcracker Scarves

Owls Nutcracker ScarvesGiraffes Nutcracker ScarvesPenguins Nutcracker Scarves


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3 Responses to Ballet Scarves to “The Nutcracker”

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  2. María says:


    I want to know where did you buy that snow ball of the nutcraker! I’m searching one!!

    Please reply!!

    • Hilary Yip says:

      Hi Maria,
      I got the Nutcracker snowball as a gift from a friend. I think she may have gotten it from going to the Nutcracker ballet in December. I hope you find one!


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