Thankful Thursday (and Friday!)

The Ducks picked what they were thankful for this morning.  From amongst many choices, the students picked music, cookies, books, teachers, crayons, toys, and happy faces.  Their faces lit up when they named their picture and were happy to share it with their classmates.  Their choices reflected their interest and what made them happy.






To celebrate Thanksgiving, all the classes at The Parish School had Thanksgiving feasts.  The festivities varied from class and building.  I spent my Thursday serving food to the students of Laurel Oak and the bridge classes.  Each class had made a dish to share with the other classes.  They cooked the food, tasted some of it, and ate together outside in the beautiful weather.  Though there were picky eaters, some were excited to share to everyone that they tried the mashed potatoes or that they really liked the corn bread.  So much enthusiasm for taking “a polite bite!”  I sat with some friends and shared in the good food.  C. Giraffes told me, “You have to get corn bread.  It’s good!”  After the Feast, I had music with the Agents and they were ready to share what they give thanks for.

On Friday, I had Thanksgiving with the Post Oak students.  They enjoyed their meal while watching “Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving.”  I received several hugs and enjoyed the company of the students as we ate and watched the movie together.  Thank you for having me and celebrating Thanksgiving!

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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