The Choir Performs with Music Doing Good

The Parish School choir and I have been excitedly waiting for this day to record a choir performance to be shown at the 30th Anniversary Kickoff Concert, “Ring Them Bells” with Music Doing Good on December 8th.  Music Doing Good is a philanthropic organization who is putting on a benefit concert in honor of The Parish School.  Click here to learn more about Music Doing Good.

Our 36 member choir had the unique opportunity to sing with these talented vocalists where each vocalist had 25 to 45 years of singing experience.  The students were ready to sing “Do You Hear?” and the Explorers played the hand chimes, also known as bells.  When the Music Doing Good vocalists started singing, some of the students mouth’s dropped open in awe.  They were mesmerized by the beautiful sounds they heard, especially from the male vocalists!

As the bright lights shined, the microphones sat high, and the camera started rolling, the students sang loudly and proudly from their heart.  They sang with all their might, remembering the words, waiting for their cues in two-part harmony, and staying together.  I am very proud of them for what we accomplished today.  It was our first professional audio and video recording session!

In addition to the choir’s recorded performance, the bell-playing Explorers were interviewed.  They shared their experience in playing bells, music class, and school.  Parts of the interview will also be shown at the 30th Anniversary Kickoff Concert.  I can’t wait to hear what they said and their perspective of the bells and music.

To top off all the amazing-ness that happened, one student asked if Music Doing Good would sing for us.  They did!  All the students sat with their eyes on the vocalists, captivated by the gorgeous tones of  “A Dreamer in You.”  K. Penguins said, “They’re loud. It’s good.”  Several students loved it so much that they asked me to bring Music Doing Good back.  We will check our calendars!

This whole interactive experience with professional musicians and professional recording opened many student’s mind that music is beyond the music classroom and stage performances.  They learned and lived the recording aspect and how one can grow as a singer after so many years.    I am looking forward to the concert and seeing the recorded performance!  Click here to purchase your ticket; it promises to be a thrilling night of music!


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Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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