The Silly Chicken Dance

Thanksgiving is in two weeks!  To start off the celebration this week, each class is learning and doing the Chicken Dance.  Some students already know the Chicken Dance and some students, especially the younger ones, do not.  Now is a great time to learn it!

I showed students a picture of a chicken and pointed to the specific parts: beak, wings, and tail.  We corresponded it to our bodies and how each parts moved in the dance (hands are the beaks, arms are the wings, and body shakes as a tail).  To help with the sequencing process, I had pictures of the beak, wings, tail, and hands clapping for students to follow along.  We practiced it without the music and then were ready to try it with the song.

Several preschool students picked up on it quickly, following the picture movements, and enjoying the chicken dance.  Others watched and did a few movements at the end.  The open music for chicken to fly and free dance brought friends to hold hands and dance.  Some of the elementary students learned to say “gobble, gobble, gobble” or “turkey, turkey, turkey,” during the hand clapping part.

One student told me that the Chicken Dance is too silly for him and he does not like it.  I like this dance because it works on student’s auditory skills of pairing beat of song with movement, improving gross motor skills, pairing action with the musical cue, mimicking movements, sequencing, and identifying physical characteristics of a chicken.  So many skills worked on in one silly dance!


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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