“Five Little Pumpkins” on Halloween

Happy Halloween!

The Parish School students went trick-or-treating through campus and had a Halloween party!  In music, I sang about their costumes and we acted out each of their characters.  Students loved being called Batman, butterfly, race car, and acting their part.  I dressed in all black with piano keys down one side: a piano!  Students came up to me and ran their fingers on the black and white keys, and a few requested that I sing while they played!

In music, we sang and acted out “Five Little Pumpkins.”  This familiar tune can be found in a same titled book.  For props, I made my own paper pumpkins, a piano bench for a gate, had an echo microphone for the wind effect, and used the classroom lights.  Students learned the words and melody of the individual pumpkins.  They worked on remembering what words and actions were associated with which pumpkin, singing the melody independently, and to know when it was their turn.  Sitting the pumpkins on bench was a hard for some classes as they wanted to sit their own bodies on the bench.  We talked about standing behind the bench and holding the pumpkin on the bench.

Using the echo microphone to play the wind was the most popular request and they liked turning off the lights as well.  I was surprised to learn that students wanted to play the part of the gate that the pumpkins sit on!  With classes of 10 and only 7 parts, I suggested one person be a gate, and many of them wanted to be a gate!  All the students worked together to sit the pumpkins carefully on the body of their classmate, sang the song, and rolled off together.  They all played safely.  In the Mustangs class, we had 5 students make up the gate (see picture below).  So much fun!

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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