Choir Prepares For Book Fair: Save the Date!

Preparations for the “All-Star Book Fair: Every Reader Is A Star” are well under away: photo shoot with a personalized class banner (I made them!) and giant trophy, cheers for our book fair pep rally, and choir rehearsal for book fair/family night.  We are pumped up about books at Parish!

On Thursday, November 8th, the choir is performing “Catch A Falling Star” and “Gather Around” with a short skit during Book Fair/Family Night.  Students are invited to dress as a storybook character in celebration of books.  I am guess that with Book Fair following Halloween, many students may be wearing their favorite Halloween costume, ranging from Princess to Superhero to Animals.  Many of them already have an idea of what they want to wear.  The students are just as excited about our songs and love to sing them.  There are videos with scrolling lyrics to practice with, found under “Book Fair/Family Night 2012” on the drop down menu bar “Performances 12-13.”

Telling/acting a story within a song is a new experience for the students and I.  We are working together on timing of words and spoken lines, listening to each other while singing and speaking, and the fluidity of the whole song with story.  It is coming along well and we work on getting better each rehearsal.

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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