The Mummy Dance

The Giraffes in Creative Movement became mummies in the spirit of Halloween.  With a few rolls of toilet paper on stock, I wrapped the students’ upper bodies with toilet paper.  Several students kept their arms and hands tight to their body and were completely wrapped up while a few had their arms sticking out of their mummy wrap.  At our Halloween dance, students walked slow, said “mMmm” for mummy, and many said “boo!” to scare their friends.

Some of the goals of my mummy activity is to prepare students for peers that may try to scare them, dressing up for Halloween, and working on body awareness.  Students need to have a calm body and recognize that how they move their arm and bodies may rip their mummy off.  By being silly, running, and moving too fast or hard, their mummies falls off.  Several of the students recognized that the way they move affects the state of their mummy.  When they were wrapped a second time, they were more careful and aware of their movements.  It was great for the students with sensory needs to have the input of being a mummy and to feel it on their bodies.

The Giraffes loved dancing to “Witches’ Brew” in their mummy ways, creative in their movements without arms.  After a while, few were ready to dance with their arms, and started making hats and other decorations with the fallen toilet paper.  Our mummy dance was so much fun!


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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