The Ghost Scare!

With Halloween approaching, students are very excited to about the holiday traditions of dressing up, getting candy, and being scared.   To celebrate, we are becoming ghosts to scare each other!

I chanted “Look out, look out, there is a ghost.  Look out, look out, there is a ghost.  OooOooOoo. OOOooOooo. Lift up your sheet and say, ‘Boo!'”  With scarves on our heads we floated around the room, chanted and said OooOooo and boo.  In this simple game, I directed students to scare one teacher at a time in the room and then to scare friends.  They all absolutely love being ghosts and scaring others.  Even better, they love being scared themselves!

For ambiance music, I put on a chakra chant and “Thriller” for the Explorers class.  That provided the eeiry music that encouraged students to be ghosts.  While scaring others, they worked on the boundaries of personal space, following directions of scaring others, and their vocalizations of OooOo and boo!  It was so much fun and they were completely captivated with being a ghost, scaring others, and having others scare them.


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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