The Shapes in the House

“You’re going to make a house.” – G. Monkeys

With laminated color shapes, the ElephantsSealsAll-Stars, and Monkeys named each shape: square, rectangle, circle, and triangle that I held up.  Some students were very specific and labeled the color with the shape: brown square, green rectangle, yellow circle, and red triangle.  They were excited about the shapes!  After seeing and recognizing the shapes, a few students said that I was going to make a house.  And I did!  I sang about each part of the house:

the house is a square,
the roof is a triangle,
the door is a rectangle,
the window is a circle.

Each student then created their own house using the shapes.  The All-Stars and Monkeys are working on homes in their classroom while the Elephants and Seals are learning about shapes.  This activity reenforced that homes are made of shapes.  Some students made their house look like mine and a few students made variations on the house: chimney, extra window, one window, and side door.  I sang with a few students in each class about their house, going through each of the shapes in the parts of the house.  It is certainly tricky to distinguish the rectangle from the square for a few friends.

Learning shapes is the building blocks to learning math.  Students learn the abstract concept of the shapes through seeing the physical shape of the square, rectangle, triangle, and circle.  They learn to organize shapes into categories and can make distinctions between the different groups.  Seeing how the world is made of different shapes help students develop problem solving skills and spatial awareness.  Go around the house and see how many shapes you can spot with your student.  It’s a new perspective!

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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