Colors: “It’s the same!”

“Yellow is the color of the… sun.”

In music, the Seals and Elephants are working on their colors.  First student picked a colored shaker or maraca.  Then I showed a picture of specific colored object and had the students name the color and object.  Depending on their level of readiness, some students named the color while some students named the object.  During this time, the student who had the same colored shaker or maraca realized that the colored object matched their colored shaker.  They excitedly raised their hands to get the picture and looked at their shaker and the picture to recognize it was the same.  I. Elephants was fantastic in telling his classmates who had what color and whose turn it was to play their color.  We sang about the color of the object and I had the student finish the phrase with the object.

In working with their colors, these preschool noticed, matched, and labeled the colors and objects they saw, which is what we want students to start doing with the world around them.  Through the song and through weeks of picking objects of specific colors, I am one of the several teachers who teach them the color words and the tools to identify the abstract characteristics of the color.  There was a moment when C. Elephants realized that the picture was the same color as his shaker and he was overjoyed!  It is a pleasure to help students make connections in their world, beginning to sort and categorize what they see.


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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