Vocalizing As A Cow: “MooOooooOOOoo”

“Up.  Down.  Up, down, up, down.  MoooOooOooOo” – picture on the board

The students of All-Stars, Monkeys, Zebras, and Giraffes are working on vocalizing.  Using a microphone and cow puppet, they are following the direction of the arrows with their voices, saying, “moo”.  The microphone is a huge incentive to speak into and the cow is an aid for their arm to do the movement of the arrow: up down, straight, or curvy.  Students are responding appropriately with their voices and are excited to vocalize with the cow on their arm or lap.








With this feedback, the teachers and I can determine their vocal abilities of controlling volume, pitch, and intonation patterns; in addition, the students work on following simple directions.  Some students are describing the arrows of “up, down, up down” instead of vocalizing the sound.  They need an extra prompt of “copy me: MooOoOoo.”  This vocal exercise builds a foundation for singing, work the mouth’s muscles, and prepare the students for their first class performance in the Chestnut Oak Winter Program in December.  It is never too early to start working!


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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