New! Semester Martial Arts Class

This year, the Post Oak classes are having semester martial arts classes.  The Penguins and Explorers are scheduled for the fall while the Labs and Mustangs are scheduled for the spring.  It is a new addition to their schedule and I am very excited to continue working with these students through martial arts, it compliments music very well.  I am also offering a private before school martial arts class.








For three students in the Penguins and Explorers classes, today was their first martial arts class.  L. Penguins asked, “Miss Hilary, what is martial arts?”  Great questions!  I told her and the class that martial arts is learning about protecting yourself, doing kicks, punches, and blocks and good exercise while having fun.  D. Penguins added, “To protect yourself from strangers.”  Which is true.

One thing we do is pretend to be animals to get our bodies warmed up and moving in different ways.  Depending on the animal, it is great pressure on the arms to be carrying the body weight, core strength to slither across the floor, or leg work to gallop over items.  It takes coordination, balance, and awareness to become the animal and watch out for friends who are also crossing the floor.  Many of these students had about six martial arts class last year and it shows that they are building upon that good foundation.

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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