First Day of Choir!

Welcome to The Parish School Choir!

This year, The Parish School Choir is composed of the Explorers, Mustangs, Labs, and Penguins from Post Oak Cottage.  The 36-student choir has the privilege to perform at several school events.  For about a third of the students this year, choir is a new experience and each student is at varying levels of musicality, singing abilities, and learning abilities.  Choir is a common social experience for students to learn how to work together in blending sounds and building friendships.

After setting out expectations of keeping our eyes on the conductor, Hilary, we sang a familiar song of “What I Am” from our musical last year.  Students remembered the details of the song and made remarks about how to sing it better.  I am always excited when students provide specific feedback because it means they are paying attention when they are singing and have an understanding of the song.  Great awareness!

To get a feel for the choir’s musicality, we played an imitation game where student imitated different rhythmic body percussions that I did.  With success, that lead into singing short phrases in solfege (do, mi, sol).  I was so impressed with the strong wall of sound I heard from the choir!  Students were matching pitch, rhythm, and dynamics.  Their musicality is strong and I am look forward to watching us grow this year through songs and movement.

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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