The Alphabet Conductor

“Can I use the stick?” – C. Zebras

He asked to use the baton to conduct and lead the group in singing the “Alphabet Song.”  As the Zebras are working on the alphabet, we are singing and using tangible alphabet magnets to identify letters.  I printed out a sheet with the letters, formatted with the breaks of the song to aid in following the song (ex. TUV   WX   Y   Z).  I asked the students to come up to the music stand and lead the class in singing the song by pointing to each letter.  Each braved standing in the middle, though not all faced their classmates, preferring to conduct with their backs to their peers.

Students looked authoritative using the baton and were excited to be the leader.  Each student’s performance was different rhythmically and in leadership style.  Some students touched the baton to the music stand to the beat or each letter while others waved it, imitating a conductor at a symphony.  Some of the students touched the letters with the baton while we sang, demonstrating their letter recognition.  Through singing the song many times, students worked on their letters through multiple modalities: visual, motor, and auditory, all supported and integrated with music.  The students used the alphabet’s melody to help them identify the letters.

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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