Martial Arts in the Rain!

It is another stormy day in Houston, Texas and I decided to take advantage it.  After warming up our martial arts moves inside, I took the Kangaroos outside for class.  Some students were concern about staying dry while others were fine with getting wet.  We stood under the awning and listened to the patter of the rain while we reviewed kicks, blocks, and combinations.  Students stood on the edge of the sidewalk, close to the falling rain while still staying dry.  That was my idea of class outside.

Two students asked to actually stand in the middle of the courtyard and have class in the rain.  Their idea was to have class in the rain and to get wet!  I took their lead and invited students who were comfortable getting wet to go on the flat brick land for some martial arts.  Students were laughing and smiling, running about ten feet in the rain.  In the rain, A. Kangaroos shared her hat with me so that I could see everyone.  We did one combination several times and ran back under the awning.  After running back and forth in the rain to do different combinations on the brick floor, it was time to go inside to dry off.  Overall, we were not too wet and dried pretty quickly in the Houston heat.

Having martial arts outside in the rain was a true test of their flexibility, adaptability, and comfort.  About half of the class braved the rain, doing their moves while a few stayed dry and watched.  I was proud and impressed of our students who were slightly nervous and went out anyways.  Martial artists train through all sorts of conditions and challenge themselves.  These students certainly proved themselves today.

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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