The Ninja Nap

“Can we take a Ninja Nap?” – Robots, Crocodiles, Wolves, Kangaroos, and Pelicans

Meditation is important to refocus oneself and calm the mind while giving the body a break.  At a young age, meditation of sitting still, breathing, and being silent for a minute is a challenge.  Thus, I created the “Ninja Nap.”  The Ninja Nap is a time in our martial arts class where we lay or sit and listen to music.  It is a time to be quiet and according to some students, it is how we get our ninja powers.  Depending on the class and what the students need, our Ninja Nap ranges from three to seven minutes.

All the students love our Ninja Nap time and request it when they walk in the door for martial arts or at some point during our class.  I have also heard from teachers that they are asking their classroom teachers, “Can I take a Ninja Nap?”  They have learned that a Ninja Nap is a break and quiet time for themselves to regroup.


The Ninja Nap was created for students to take a break and to wake up with a calm body, refreshed, and focused to continue to the next activity. Sometimes I place my hands gently on the students to quiet their bodies.  The simple touch is a helpful reminder to slow down the body and to be silent.  Ninja Nap is a peaceful activity.


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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