Explorers in the Ocean

“What are things you can find in the ocean?”
“Squid.” “Water.” “Electric eel.” “Sunlight zone” – Explorers

The Explorers are learning about the ocean and in music we spent our time exploring the sounds and movements of the ocean.  Students danced with ribbons as different sea creatures and the waves.  They followed the soothing and rhythmic hula sounds with their hips, ribbons, and feet.  The ribbons were used as the whiskers of a catfish, the water sprouting out of a dolphin, tail of a fish, and the end of a sting ray.  There were dancing octopuses and dancing jellyfishes.  Some circled the ribbon around their bodies through the room, like a continuous wave.








After dancing in the ocean, we made the ocean sounds.  We played the ocean drum and students were entranced with the rolling beads inside the drum.  Their eyes watched in awe when I played the ocean drum over their heads.  When it was their turn to try the instrument, they demonstrated great control and fluid small movements of their hands and wrists to elicit the ocean sound.  With creativity and coolness, they played the ocean drum over their heads, by their feet, and on their bodies.  Liking the ocean drum so much, they even asked to make one, which we will do in the next two weeks!








With so much dancing and instrument play, it was time to relax by listening to the ocean waves.  We talked about things we can find in the ocean and the answers ranged from animals, to the elements of the ocean itself, and the zones of the ocean.  With the sounds of the rolling waves of the ocean, the students drew an ocean picture.  Their requirement was to draw at least 3 animals.  The students drew creative and educational pictures and  I was very impressed.



About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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