Abiyoyo and His Ukelele

“It’s like Abiyoyo!” – J. Bears

The Butterflies are reading “Abiyoyo,” a story about a boy who plays the ukulele, his father the magician, and a giant named Abiyoyo.  A folk story set to music by Pete Seeger, the story has a song written for the giant who is rampaging the town.  It has one word, “Abiyoyo.”  In the story, the boy plays the ukulele singing “Abiyoyo” until the giant falls down and the father zap the giant, making him disappear.  For music today, I brought in my ukulele for students to play, sing, and act out the story.  The Butterflies learned that a ukulele has 4 strings while a guitar has 6 strings.








A few students danced as Abiyoyo, the magician with zapping powers, and the boy playing the ukulele.  With ease, they switched roles and shared the ukulele with each other.  They had so much fun dancing while listening to their friend singing “Abiyoyo” while strumming the ukulele.  Great coordination and teamwork all around for these preschoolers!  They are ready for the stage!


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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