Instrument Exploration: Keyboard

“Look at my fingers walking on the keyboard!” – B. Fireflies

Classes continue their instrument exploration from guitar to violin to the keyboard.  Students have expressed interest in playing the keyboard and many of them cannot help themselves to press a key or several while they walk by the keyboard.  In this allotted time frame, students are given the opportunity to explore freely.

Paired with a classmate, students played the keyboard.  With the accompaniment sound track on, students created their own melodies on top.  Dancers emerged and a few were moving to the beat while rockin’ out on the keys.  J. Kangaroos danced while everyone played instruments.  Some students took off the accompaniment and showed off bits of familiar tunes they knew.  Students really took to the keyboard, using all their fingers, whole hand, and some even used their arm to play.  Keyboard playing opened a way for students to express themselves and have fun.


One Fireflies group realized that they did not like the sound of two or three people playing at the same time.  So independently, they decided to stand in a line and let one person play at a time.  They said, “It sounds better when one person plays.  It doesn’t sound good when we all play at the same time.”  Great problem solvers and taking turns!








Another group of students discovered how fun it was to walk their fingers up and down the keyboard.  They were laughing and enjoyed chasing each other on the sidewalks of the keys.  Playing with classmates encouraged teamwork and coordination.  Students talked to each other about how to share the keyboard and how they wanted to play.  Thank you to an anonymous donor for the keyboard for student’s exploration!


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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