Instrument Exploration: Violin

“How do you hold it?” – A. Mustangs
“I play violin!” – C. Seals
“I remember how to play it!” – M. Heroes

Students are having a blast exploring instruments this week in music class.  A friend of my fraternity sister donated violins to The Parish School.  I was so excited to receive the donation of the half-size and three-quarter size violins.  I have played my violin for my students and had students try out my full size violin; however, it is too big for them to hold it.  With these smaller sizes, students cam enjoy independently holding and playing the violin.








In each class, students did a great job figuring out how to physically hold and handle the violin and bow.  Some held it in their lap while other tried it under their chin with some help and explanation.  They did well playing it with two hands, using the bow across the strings.  A few students even sat down and played it like a cello.  All students displayed patience in taking turns, waiting, and watching/listening to their classmates.  I was very proud that they were willing to try something new, especially ones who were saying they did not want to play it because they did not know how.  That’s what instrument exploration is for!  To try the instrument and getting comfortable with the feel of the violin.  A few students said the violin was their favorite and one even asked for lessons.  There are emerging musicians in our midst.  Thank you to the lovely friend for the donated violins!


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