Instrument Exploration: Guitars

“I want to play guitar.” J. Bears.








Thanks to the Parent Teacher Organization, our music instrument supply has expanded with four new guitars!  Today, the Bears, Elephants, and Ants rocked out on the guitars.  Students have expressed wanting to play my guitar throughout the year.  When they do get to play it, they enjoy strumming it, learning to do it gently and slowly.  Some have asked to hold my guitar and because it is so large, it is too hard for students to play successfully.  With smaller sized guitars, students have the opportunity to wear the guitar using the strap and play like a rock star.








Through our instrument exploration today, students learned that guitar are fragile instruments and we need to be gentle with them.  In addition, they problem solved: “This guitar is heavy, help me hold it to play.”  Then they decide to sit down to play it.  Some students explored with one hand feeling the strings under their fingers while some students explored with two hands.  With coordination, one hand playing the neck, going up and down the fret board while the other hand plucks some strings.  A couple of guitarists became minstrels, singing around the room and even looking like they were busking!








We had a rockin’ time and students asked to do it again.  Thank you PTO!



About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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