Meditate to Break Boards

“It’s two pieces of wood glued together and will break if you touch it.” – C. Heroes

“It’s probably going to hurt, huh?” – S. Heroes

“There is a school nurse on campus to take care of any injuries.” – Hilary








Today, the Heroes had their last martial arts class.  All year-long they have asked about breaking boards.  I have observed their growth in their strikes, strength, and coordination, and I believe they were mentally ready to try it.  We warmed up with strikes, stretches, calisthenics, and meditation.  To prepare hitting a specific target, the Heroes worked on hand target bags to toughen their hands, increase speed, and accuracy.  Thanks to Adventure Play, I had access to real pieces of wood.  Some students thought we had wood that was broken and glued backed together.  Another thought it was fake wood.  Nope, they were real pieces of wooden boards for breaking.

With the board set up between two paint cans, it was time for action.  Students learned how powerful meditation is to focus and harness their energy.  A few tried to break the board without meditation and were unsuccessful.    Students did meditation on their on accord and then used their hand to break the board.  They were so surprised, enthusiastic, and excited that the board broke!  Their faces lit up and they were just so proud of themselves and each other.  Several of them found it easy and wanted to break more.  Some placed a board on the paint cans and found they could not break the board.  We talked about breaking the board with the grain and not against it.









At the end, I broke one board for the students.  This was a great way to celebrate the last martial arts class of the year for our commencing students!  Enjoy the video below of the Heroes breaking boards.  By the way, I was the only one that saw the school nurse.  I got a splinter from carrying the wood from the playground to the campfire site.  Ouch.


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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