Caterpillar & Snail Inspires Comfort

“Do you think J. Jr. will like ‘What I Am’?” J. Wranglers ask.

Today, J. Wranglers had a caterpillar on his arm when I went to pick him up for our music time.  Walking proudly with his caterpillar to the music room, he said “J. Jr’s hungry.  We need to go to the milkweed aisle.”  He stated it like we were going to the grocery store to pick up some food; good thing we have some on our school campus.  First we had some music.  We played J. Wrangler’s favorite song, “The Elmo Song.”  J. Jr. loved the song, too!  He was crawling on J. Wrangler’s hand and dancing to the music.

With the musical approaching in two weeks, I used this opportunity to have J. Wranglers become more familiar with the songs his class is singing in the musical.  He only prefers songs that Elmo sings.  Elmo is not singing the two songs that J. Wranglers is singing for the musical.  When I play the musical songs, J. Wranglers usually says, “stop it” or wander away after 20 seconds to find a CD for a Elmo song.  I asked if J. Jr. would like “A Cowboy Needs A Horse” and put on the song.   J. Wranglers sang a bit and listened to the entire song.  This caterpillar inspired comfort, completion of non-preferred song, and practice.  Whoo!  Then J. Wranglers asked if J. Jr. would like “What I Am.”  We played it and J. Jr. loved the song because he kept crawling closer to the stereo to listen.

The caterpillar and a snail (last week) has helped J. Wranglers be comfortable with our musical songs, which I picked and were not sung by Elmo.  He was careful with both J. Jr. and made sure they could safely listen to the music.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the positive points of bringing in a caterpillar and snail into our music session for increased speech volume, increased language, and increased comfort of non-preferred song choices.

Oh yes, we did go to the milkweed aisle to pick up some food for J. Jr. 🙂

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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3 Responses to Caterpillar & Snail Inspires Comfort

  1. Nancy Bewley says:

    This is wonderful!

  2. a parent says:

    Brilliant! Way to “roll with the punches”, being open minded, and for looking outside of the box. Wasn’t there a Sesame Street song about an inch worm? And isn’t Oscar the Grouch’s friend a worm? Perhaps opportunities for a tie-in with J?


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