Earth Day: “Help this planet earth!”

Happy Earth Day!  The Bears, Elephants, All-Stars, Dragonflies, and Kangaroos have been working on our song “Evergreen, Everblue” by Raffi to sing on this day.  They know the song as “help this planet earth!”  Students did a beautiful job of signing the words and singing their part.  Enjoy the video below!

The Heroes, Mustangs, and Labradors presented their research on worms through a video for the school to watch.  In the video, we learned about what worms eat, their important job of making fertilizer, and weird facts about them (they have five hearts!).  Each student was featured by saying their lines, with their artwork, and interacting with the worms.  After the video, all the students had an opportunity to hold worms in their hands and see the worms.

After singing and watching the video, students went outside to enjoy Earth day activities.  There was a Recycling station to pick up and sort trash into the appropriate recycling bin, Planting station to plant seeds and trees, Bubbles station for bubble and water play.  The students loved picking up the trash, deciding whether it was aluminum, paper, or plastic and placing them in the bin.  All the students worked together to plant several new trees on campus.  It was such a beautiful day to celebration Mother Earth.  Enjoy the pictures!



About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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