Adventure Play Camp Out!

This weekend was the anticipated “Adventure Play Camp Out!”  Adventure Play (AP) is an after-school developmental program that focuses on a child-directed outdoor play environment.  Students conceptualize their own playground and build their ideas based on the supplies and tools available.  Through community work, persistence, and ingenuity, the students this year have created a fort, a maze, lemonade stand, obstacle course, slingshot, and catapult to name a few.  In this outdoor program, students learn to work together, take responsibility for shared supplies, integrate other children in their ideas, stay committed to long-term projects, and become more imaginative in their play and vocalize that excitement.

D. Owls had a Big Idea of a building a hotel, which lead to the idea of having a camp out at The Parish School.  When students arrived late Saturday afternoon, the excitement was in their voices as they helped set up the tents.  With the strong wind and light drizzle, we all made sure our tents were secured to the ground.  Parents and families internalized the AP Community philosophy and helped each other set up tents.  Some tents were more elaborate than others; there were several tents with individual rooms, tents with front porches, and even a tent with a shoe holder.

We cooked hot dogs for dinner and everyone shared in a potluck of what they brought. As D. Fireflies said, “It is so nice to just sit here and relax by the fire.”  It sure was a nice dinner around the fire.  Some students found some blueberries in the fields and we went a-picking.  Afterward, I led some music, singing “The Littlest Worm” and made up our own “8 Days of Camping.”  After a short nature walk, students and parents headed to bed around 10:00pm.  In the morning, we all survived the strong whistling wind that blew through the night.  Our AP Community neighborhood of tents were a beautiful sight to see with students running in and out of them with parents still quietly sleeping.  With a quick breakfast of parents chatting and students playing, we talked about how much fun we had at this relaxing and bonding event.  AP is a great environment for many of our students to thrive.  Enjoy the pictures from this weekend!


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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2 Responses to Adventure Play Camp Out!

  1. Keith Hatschek says:

    Looks like students & families had a wonderful experience! Nicely done, Hilary!!


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