The “Action Cards” Dance

“Fishing!” said M. Ducks.
“Bowling.” said J. Bears
“Hoopla-hoop.” said J. All-Stars

To create a structured sequential movement activity with the preschool classes, I used action pictures on cards.  With all the cards faced down, a student picked one and named the picture.  For example, “hula-hooping” or “swimming.”  I asked them to show me the action and then had the entire class doing that action.  Next, I had two or three more students pick cards, depending on the class for a total of three or four actions.

Before the start of the dance, I placed all the cards in order on a music stand so everyone could see them.  We danced the sequence of movements and changed action with the verses of the song.  I called out the next action and for some classes, I asked the students to call what was next.  Some students had memorized the sequence while others knew to look at the pictures and shout the answer.

This was a great activity of specific action movements rather than a free run or walk to music.  Having to think of the actions, doing them, and sequencing movements had most of the students working hard for a two minutes song.  Depending on the cards picked, some classes had some actions that were more strenuous than others.  Examples of action: playing in snow, swimming, bowling, shopping, rowing a boat, swinging a bat, and throwing a frisbee.  For the Kangaroos and Bears, we needed two songs to dance and move.

Enjoy the Ducks’ dance:

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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