“Listening to Music”: Chakra Chants

“Breath and listen to the music.  If you fall asleep, it is okay.”

So many of our students work hard and play hard in school and then they are off to therapies and after-school activities.  Teachers demand so much of them throughout the day and they are constantly in motion.  Spring is here and we all need to take some time to stop to smell the flowers.

In music, I have a “listen to music” activity where students sit or lie on the floor and listen to two to four minutes of “Chakra Chants.”  For younger students, I have them sit in chairs focusing on their breathing while raising their arms up and down slowly.  For older students, I allow students to choose a spot in the room for their own body to rest and relax.  Their instructions are to breathe, listen, and be quiet.  There are usually a few giggles at the beginning of the listening activity.  By the end of a few minutes, there are a couple of students who have fallen asleep because they are that tired or relaxed from the music.


Students have continually asked to “listen to music” because they want to relax and sleep.  It is a great break from being stimulated all day in the classroom.  Many students report they feel calm, relaxed, and that their body has slowed down.  Most prefer the “Chakra Chants” music over classical music.  Teachers love this activity as well because their students are quiet, listening, and calm.  After music, students are in a relaxed state, ready to go back to the classroom to learn.

I chose chakra music to help students focus their energy to be present, focused, and calm.


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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