“Help This Planet Earth!”: Ocean Drum

Earth Day is approaching in two weeks and we are celebrating with a song, story, and presentations.  All the preschool classes (Bears, Elephants, All-Stars, Kangaroos, and Dragonflies) are singing “Evergreen, Everblue” by Raffi while the oldest classes are presenting their research about worms.

In the song “Evergreen, Everblue,” there is one line each about different parts of nature: the amazon, jungle, trees, rainforest, ocean, seaway, water, and beluga whales.  After each line, all the students sing “Help this planet earth!” while doing the sign language of help: one hand is thumbs up placed on the other hand’s palm and raised up together.   In addition, we are pointing to self and others when we sing “It’s up to me and up to you!”  It is pretty powerful to hear young voices say “help this planet earth!” and tell each other that it’s all our jobs to take care of the earth.

The one line that most students ask about is “Ocean wave is rumblin’.”
“What is it?”  R. Elephants questioned.

After the song finishes, I pull the ocean drum and have students listen to the ocean waves rumble from the drum.  They have a chance to look at the rolling beads and play the instrument themselves.  It takes gentleness to play the beads at a soft rumble.  Many students learn that playing it fast just tosses the beads from side to side.  They learn to play slower and a few learn to tilt it in a circular motion to get a full ocean wave sound.  It is a great relaxation instrument!

About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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