Camp For All!

“On the first day of camping, my counselor gave to me a can of bug spray and sun screen.”

The Post Oak classes of Owls, Labs, Mustangs, and Heroes spent two days and one night at Camp For All.  A beautiful campsite with picturesque scenery, students spent the days in various activities and bonding time.  The main goal of Camp is the encourage independence and confidence.  All the activities are “challenge by choice,” meaning that they choose how much of an activity they will do and if they try it.  Most of the activities are new and many of the students are trying them for the first time.  Teacher encourage students to the point where they are comfortable.  Students prepare their own nightly and morning routines, dressing, and packing.  Camp activities included canoeing, horseback riding, fishing, learning about animals and nature, archery, and independent living.

Mustangs and Heroes After Zip LineI had the opportunity to try most of the activities with at least one class.  Laughter, tears, and smiles were part of our experience.  For two days, we had a blast through each activity, enjoyed the nature, and the company of friends.  At the campfire, each class prepared a short skit to perform; even the teachers participated.  We sang about the “12 Days of Camping.”  The students were laughing and singing along with us, especially to “5 pairs of underwear!”  To help with sleeping and bedtime, I played my guitar and sung good-night to the students in my cabin.  Teachers read books and some students even told ghost stories!  Overall, there were magical moments with students where they were so proud of their accomplishments, learning perseverance, patience, and being flexible with schedule and activities.  I took 348 pictures and videos and below are the highlights of our camp experience.


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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