The Egg Shaker and Maraca Hunt

Around Easter, children go on Easter egg hunts.  Traditionally, an adult hides all the eggs and the children searches for the plastic eggs filled with candy.  In music, we had our own variation on the tradition: The Egg Shaker and Maraca Hunt.  Students hopped far and high like bunnies and hid the instruments around the music room for their peers (and sometimes themselves) to find.


With each elementary class, I split the class into two groups of 4 to 5 students each.  One group waits outside the music room with a teacher; they hunt for eggs (the seekers).  The other groups stays inside with me and hides 20 egg shakers and small maracas around the music room (the hiders).  Students have been very creative with hiding the eggs: in the piano bench, behind the guitar, under the chairs in the bookshelf, and even in other instrument boxes.  With the younger classes, they hid most of the eggs in several key spots while the older students hid the eggs throughout the room.  Very tricky, the last couple of eggs where the hardest to find.


The seekers group have the time length of one song to find all the eggs.  I have used “Each of Us is A Flower,” “What I Am,” and “Party Rock” depending on the class to encourage them to find the eggs.  Many of the students are running around the room, trying to find those eggs!  Several of them become quite sweaty and hot from searching high and low.  Then we switch roles of seekers and hiders and do it all over again.

This varied egg hunt promoted teamwork, group coordination, and cooperation among students.  Students talked to their peers about good hiding places to hide and search for eggs.  They use words such as hot or cold, high or low, “melody area”, and “instrument area” as clue words to help their peers find eggs.  Students encouraged their peers to keep looking and even cheered as peers found the eggs.  In each class, there were usually a couple of eggs that were well-hidden and everyone was searching the room for them.  One student knew where the eggs were and gave directional clue to help.  Everyone cheered when the eggs were found.

These pictures are some of the places students hid their eggs.  Can you find the egg in each of the pictures?


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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