“Hippity Skippity Easter” Book

Easter is this weekend and we are celebrating in music.  Besides hopping like bunnies and Easter egg hunts, we are reading the book “Hippity Skippity Easter” by Maria Fleming.  Great illustrations and rhyming words, this is an engaging book that pulls out language.   The book is about Bunny giving eggs to his friends, tripping over Turtle, cracking all the eggs during his fall, his friends putting all the eggs together to make one big egg for Bunny, and Bunny happy with his new egg.

 From preschool classes to elementary classes, we talk about cause and effect, emotions, and friendship. I have posted some pictures of the specific pages where I ask students some questions.  With the page of Bunny tripping over Turtle, I ask what happens when he trips.  Many of the students says “He falls!” or “He fell down!” (cause and effect)

Then I ask what happens to all the eggs when he falls?  Several of the students say, “They broken.” or “They break.” or “They cracked.”  At that point, I ask how does Bunny feel.  Students say “He is sad.” or “He is sad because his eggs are broken.”  Most of the students are sad with Bunny and have sad faces at this point in the story.  (cause and effect and emotions)

Bunny has some nice friends to fix the broken eggs for Bunny.  It reminded some students of the rhyme “Humpty Dumpty.”  I ask what are his friends doing and students respond, “They fix the egg!” or “They make it all better.”  Friends help each other.  (friendship)


When the friends present the egg to Bunny, I ask the students how Bunny feels.  Most of the students says, “He is happy!”  When the bunny receives his big egg gift, all the student’s faces light up and are happy with Bunny!  (Cause and effect and emotions)



Students’ own emotions reflect those of Bunny and shows that the students have empathy and understand what Bunny is feeling throughout the story.  Great learning and language generated in one short book.


About Hilary Yip

Music Therapy. Martial Arts. Rowing/Coxswain. Creative Movement.
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